Our Story

Eleven Seventy-One Boutique strives to offer unique, quality products for our customers. Our style is a mix of modern, classic, and trendy items. We also love to throw our love for Minnesota in as well with some state pride goodies. Clothing is our main jam, but we also have a variety of accessories and gifts for both women and men. We are known for our ever-changing styles and are constantly growing and adding to our collection.



Fate. The one word we use to describe our start and continuous journey on this crazy adventure.

It all began when an idea became more than a dream. A mutual friend had separately given us contact information of a friend who is a boutique owner. Unknowingly, we both contacted her on the very same day and asked similar questions about what it takes to start and run a boutique. Fate. She got back to both of us and had mentioned someone else had reached out to her. We both instantly thought of each other and messaged each other about it at the exact same time! Fate. We met up later that week and talked about our ideas, visions, and goals. We even compared private Pinterest boards about the future shop, and BOOM - practically the same pins. Fate.

We officially opened our storefront on May 20, 2016. Our online shop launched March 20, 2017.

We learn something new everyday and try our hardest to offer our beloved customers the best products and best experience we can. We truly appreciate your support in helping us live our dreams.